Microgaming and Playtech have developed several impressive online roulette varieties, but the most popular ones generally include European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. This is classed as a Table Game, but when playing online, you can also usually find it in a category labelled simply as Roulette.

You can play roulette online either in the real money mode or in the free play mode, but because it might take a few minutes to get used to the layout of the betting table, perhaps you should start by playing on this game in the fun mode to begin with. You can play on this game instantly in your browser, plus you can find even more varieties when you install the Microgaming or Playtech casino download client onto your computer. You can even play roulette from you mobile or tablet device.

All you need to do is place your chips on the betting table and onto where you think the ball will land after it has finished spinning around the roulette wheel. To speed up gameplay, most online roulette varieties allow you to switch these animations off. American Roulette contains the numbers 1 – 36 with two green zeroes and European Roulette contains the numbers 1 – 36 with just one green zero.

In addition to straight up bets where you get to place a bet on just one number coming out, you could also sensibly spread those chips out by placing various other strategic bets, such as a corner bet, a column/dozen bet, red or black, numbers 1-18, numbers 19-36, odd or even, street bet or split bet. The odds should always be on display for you somewhere on the screen so you can see how much you will be paid if you win. These odds range from as little as 1:1 up to 35:1.

Most roulette varieties have wide betting ranges to cater for almost every budget and you can also now find several great roulette games which are connected to accumulating prize pools, otherwise known as Progressive Jackpot Roulette. You can find plenty of roulette games in all of the fully licensed online casinos that we have reviewed and recommended for you on this site.