Details on the POLi Casino Banking Option

If you are based in New Zealand and need to find a way to add funds into your online casino account, one of the best methods that we can recommend is POLi. This online casino payment solution for New Zealand (and Australian) players has become one of the most recognised and most trusted online casino banking methods over the past few years. Whenever you visit a top rated kiwi online casino, you should be able to find the POLi logo somewhere on the homepage or in the casino’s cashier section.

One of the positive things about POLi for many players is that you are not required to register your own personal details just to use this method but you will need a valid bank account though and you would need to contact your bank to register for online banking. This process doesn’t take long at all and as soon as you have successfully registered for online banking, you can immediately begin to use the POLi money transfer services.

When you attempt to make a deposit, you would need to click on the POLi logo in the cashier and then follow the relatively straightforward onscreen instructions that appear. Remember to deposit at least the minimum amount that the casino requires and then check that you have entered the correct details before confirming your transaction. There is no need to add any credit or debit card details when using POLi, which is why so many online gamblers enjoy using this particular banking method.

It is a great way to get money into your gambling account really quickly and it is perfectly secure. In fact, POLi is one of the most secure online casino banking methods of all and it won’t cost a thing. Just make sure that you have enough money in your bank account when you attempt to actually send money to your casino account. If you encounter any issues along the way when using POLi, you could start by contacting the customer support of the casino or you could get hold of the POLI support and they will be happy to help you.